Presenting Premium Quality Rasgulla , which will refresh the mood and alleviates the lifestyle.


Dhola Maru Soan Papdi, This is also a new product of Dhola Maru .we are giving the assurance of Good quality .


The upcoming product of dhola maru company is Namkeen .we are launching soon more product also.


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About Us

Our goal is to provide better services and quality products.

Company Profile

Namokar The Life Style is a global supplier of certified Herbal and conventional ingredients to manufacturers, importers and distributors. As certified Herbal handler and manufacturer, Vantage insures Herbal integrity. Namokar the lifestyle have strong network of partners around the globe, to supply highest quality ingredients. Namokar the lifestyle is a team of committed professionals serving a broad spectrum of services for bridging the gap between the producers and consumers. We support the strategic intent of an organization by assisting in understanding the market through intense market studies and analysis. With a strong emphasis on partnership, commitment and integrity, our goal is to provide better services and quality products.

About CEO

Mr. Jain the founder of the company has over 8 years of experience in Herbal industry, nationally & internationally, combined with a diverse background of Sourcing, handling, processing and Sales. His areas of expertise in Industry engross to Project Identification and Development; Sourcing Organic ingredients; Communication strategies for trade and consumer media; designing promotional models for Herbal producers and processors; cooperative organic farming ventures, processing, certification and export.

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